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Welcome – Lets get started!


Hello my dear student!

Thank you for joining our learning community and becoming one of our beloved students.

In this introductory lesson we are going to take a look at how exactly the course is structured and get you familiar with the user interface. Lets go!


On the left side bar you will see all the topics that you will learn.

Clicking on a topic from the side bar will reveal all the available lessons, quizzes, and if any are available, assignments as well. Each topic aims to get you to grips with a particular aspect or concept of the windows command line through a series of lessons quizzes and assignments.


Every topic in this course contains a number of bite-sized lessons.

If the lesson contain any attachments, you can download them at the very bottom of every lesson.

Upon completing a lesson click the “Mark Complete” button at the top right, to move on to the next lesson.

Optional lessons contain the word (optional) in their names. If you are not interested in learning their subjects, simply mark them as complete and move on to the next lesson.


After every lesson is completed you will have to complete a quiz which will not only test your knowledge but force you get hands-on with the command prompt.

To get your certificate of completion, you will have to get a passing grade on all of these practice sessions.

Your grade will be revealed after you complete each quiz and you will get the chance to review your answers.

You will also be able to redo a quiz, but only up to 10 times, so be careful.


To interact with, and ask questions to students such as yourself or the instructor of this course, select the Q&A tab at the very top of the sidebar. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, we would love to help you out!

That’s It!

I bet that you are exited to get started now, so mark this lesson as complete and lets go!